Welcome to Nutriora

We Care About Your Health

Nutriora is a brand of Orazen Healthcare LLP, established in 2015-16. At Nutriora we strive hard to provide best of healthcare solutions. Nutriora delivers goodness of functional foods and a commitment to provide healthy alternatives to your food habits. At Nutriora, we provide a range of functional foods that can be part of your daily lives.

Nutriora is established by Mayank Jain and Vaibhav Jain. After quitting their jobs, with an urge to enhance healthy food habits and provide best nutritional food both came together to launch Nutriora. Nutriora stands on experience of both Mayank Jain and Vaibhav Jain. For Nutriora, Vaibhav brings the experience of being in healthcare industry for over 5 years, with an sharp understanding on vital nutritional requirement for all.

Mayank being a health consultant and an avid health enthusiast brings in the expertise on health food requirements for health & fitness enthusiasts. Nutriora is driven by best of these two, as they understand the needs of the people and what is most suitable for them.

Nutriora brings in products originating from different parts of the globe with the goodness they carry. We at Nutriora maintain highest quality standard in our products. Believing religiously in Quality, we try and cultivate many of our products via contract farming so that we can provide best quality products to our customers.

Nutriora is committed to provide quality products at the best prices to our customers with bulk orders; our flexibility in packaging is our USP. We also work with various customers to provide products with their specific packing requirements.